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Jul 24, 2019 at 05:03 PM

Outbound Delivery distribution to EWM+S4HANA1809(Both EWM and non-EWM SLOC in one DLV)


Hi All,

I have below scenario to my customer, kindly advice what best we can propose.

We are implementing S/4HANA 1809 to customer.

We are working on proposing solution to customer about returnable packaging. The Finished good along with the Returnable packaging delivery will be created in S/4HANA and should be distributed to EWM. In EWM after picking activities are completed, PGI will done and S/4HANA delivery should be updated.


Material A is Finished Good (FERT)- EWM Managed

Material B is Returnable Package (LEIH)- IM managed.

When we create the outbound delivery, line 10 will have Material A with item category TAN and storage location EWM.

Then line 20 will have Material B with item category TAL and storage location IM.

There is a challenge here. Right now in the delivery due to different storage locations (one IM and another EWM), in the header warehouse number disappears and hence delivery is not being distributed to EWM.

In addition, if we try to add or remove the delivery split at deliver type level/ warehouse leave, still the delivery is not being distributed to EWM.

Customer wants both items in one delivery, no separate delivery possible.

The finished goods are managed in EWM and packaging material are managed in IM.

I want know is there any configuration settings or any option, with the above example to distribute the delivery to EWM.

Once the delivery is distributed to EWM, with finished good, they do picking and PGI. The packaging material will be picked from IM location.

The question is about, is there a way we can distribute delivery to EWM when the ECC delivery having both IM and EWM locations in place.

Many thanks in anticipation.