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Jul 24, 2019 at 01:30 AM

Crystal subreport will only use half a page


I have a report that prints A4 pallet labels. The report is fed by a SQL Stored Procedure, and the dataset provides 1 record per full page A4 sized label. In other words, if the stored procedure provides 10 records, then the report will be 10 pages long, with each page being a separate label. Each page comprise Page Header and Page Footer, but with no Detail section (it was suppressed). This report has worked fine for months, until the user came up with a new requirement - a summary page at the end of the report.

I modified the stored procedure to generate an additional record at the end of the dataset, with the appropriate summary data, and then added a subreport to the Detail section. I changed Suppression on the Detail section to be Not(OnLastRecord), and then added Suppression OnLastRecord, for all the other sections.

In terms of paging - the modified report works as expected EXCEPT that the last page which has the summary data (actually a bunch of 12 mini labels) only prints on the top half of two pages. I have fiddled with the Detail section size, the subreport size within the Detail section, checked the page size and orientation for the subreport, and also checked my 'default printer' settings, but I just cannot get the summary page to print on a single FULL page. If I change the subreport size to be anything less than 5.5", it shows as half a page - if I expand it anything greater than 5.5", then I get an error on preview, saying 'The page size was not large enough to format the contents of the report.'

NB - it is splitting at exactly half an A4 portrait page (5.5") - not the equivalent of a full page of landscape A4 - so I think we can rule out orientation as a potential cause. It appears that the 5.5" length for the subreport is an inbuilt or acquired limitation. Has anyone come across this kind of problem and resolved it?

I am using V, but it is bundled with our ERP software so I am not in a position to upgrade it or apply fix packages.