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Jul 23, 2019 at 06:55 AM

Data Selection option in Crosstab



I have a similar problem to the one described in over 4 years ago. I hope something has improved since then.

I am using SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio 16.2.1. I have 5 dropboxes to select a KPI, that will be displayed on one of 5 charts. The same data (KPI value over last 12 months) will be shown on the Crosstab as well.
In order to improve performance I used single DS and used Data Selection to slice the outcome. It works great on the chart, but can't get CrossTab to work.

I've been experimenting with few options, maybe someone can provide a help on how to push through a blocker on any of those.

1) As the original CrossTab component doesn't support DataSelection property i tried to use SCN Community Visualization - "2D Crosstab 2.0" as it has a data selection property. BLOCKER : I can't call setDataSelection (actually can't call anything for this component) for the "2D Crosstabl 2.0).
2) Change one of the InfoChart Configuration to CrossTab in order to display values as a grid, while keeping the setDataSelection function.
3) Use SCN Community Visualization - "Advanced Data Table 2.0", but similar to previous vizualization I can't call setDataSelection
4) As property is available, but there's no way to change it dynamically I tried to use a global variable as a value for the property and update it when needed, but that is also not supported.

I've seen the suggestion to just use SetFilter on the DS for that, but that greatly disturbs the performance while accessing the dashboard so would rather avoid it.

Appreciate any suggestions.