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Jul 21, 2019 at 08:21 PM

Displaying the most recent record in Crystal Reports


I've read quite a bit about showing the most recent records in reports by using the sorting and grouping functions but none of them seem to be doing quite the same thing I am trying, or perhaps I am not understanding correctly.

I am trying to create a Calibration Certificate for an in-house lab and one of the fields that I'd like displayed in the header is the current user. Our asset management system using something called "Tool Assignments" to keep a historical record of who a piece of equipment was checked out to. Trouble is, any one asset has many tool assignment records. So, when I put the user's first and last name in the report, it's typically not the most current, making the information misleading or useless.

Since this is not the actual record details that I am trying to search by, but rather just a line in the header, I am unsure how to make it display the currently assigned user. Any thoughts?


report-header.png (74.4 kB)
linkage.png (63.5 kB)