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Jul 25, 2019 at 08:48 PM

Error Message M7426 to post goods issue with transfer order - STO


Hi specialists

I created the transfer order (STO), checked the “SM-related code for goods receipt code” field (WABWE field), at this point the valuation type field is empty, so that the valuation type is entered in the document. goods issue in accordance with the batches defined in the delivery document.

When creating the delivery document (VL10B), at picking time the system selects the batches with their respective valuation types correctly.

But when I return in the transfer order, the item valuation type field is filled with a value and the flag is marked, with the order this way I can not make the Goods Issue, the system displays an error message “M7426 - Batch & and valuation type & different (material & plant &)” so that goods issue is possible you must enter the purchase order by modifying and deleting the contents of the valuation type field (BWTAR) after making the change and saving the purchase order. You can post the goods issue.

Could you give me a solution to this problem?