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Jul 25, 2019 at 02:28 AM

Relation between Delivery LIKP and Handling Unit number VEKP


Hi mate,

Im trying to do a quick SAP Query to list out the Inbound Delivery with its Handling Unit number.

I checked and see might be able to utilize table LIKP (Delivery) and VEKP containing handling unit.

Our management want to capture Inbound Delivery with its HU number to see which Vendor did packing, which Vendor did not.

Then I think LEFT JOIN LIKP to VERP to map HU to its Delivery, which is HU = NULL mean that Inbound Delivery, Vendor did not perform the pack.

Any idea help me please because I tried to join 2 table via LIKP-VBELN = VEKP-VPOBJKEY but seem to not ok... The VPOBJKEY seem to have to be convert in another table before join