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Jul 24, 2019 at 02:53 PM

Same handling unit for one Inbound delivery items has allowed?


Hi All,

Present scenario, inbound 12345 created with two line items ( Item A & Item B) and while doing Goods Receipt, both items were linked to same HU. ( It's allowing because, custom coded RFUI). Now this inbound will struck in Queue for line item B because of duplicate HU. ECC inbound has not maintained with any HU while creation.

Inbound 12345 line item A Goods Receipt posted successfully and line item B got struck in Queue ( SMQ2).

Now as per business requirement, they are willing to use same HU for all the delivery items and which should not be struck in Queue and post Goods Receipt in ECC.

In Which here Inbound 12345, both line items should link to same HU. Would like to know where I can maintain configuration in ECC/EWM to allow same HU for all delivery items.