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Jul 24, 2019 at 12:46 PM

SAP SD Quantity Contract


Hello Gurus,

I am creating a sales order wrt a quantity contract.

Suppose the quantity contract has a quantity of 10,000 pieces and the order created with reference to it is 4000 then the next time I am trying to create another order wrt the contract it is throwing an error that the contract has been rejected or fully referenced.

I want that the quantity contract quantity should be fully utilised in the sales orders till the open quantity in the contract is zero and not complete after first reference.

I have even set the completion rule in ZKMN to 'B' but to no avail.When I change the completion rule to B the quantity is not displaying.

Please can someone help.



qc.png (38.4 kB)
qc2.png (8.5 kB)