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Jul 24, 2019 at 12:16 PM

How to open archived document within SAP GUI using HTML control


Hi SAP gurus,
I installed OpenText Imaging WebViewer 16.2.8 as an external doc viewer but now I would like to open the archived documents within the SAP GUI itself.
I changed the setting from "call internet Browser" to "use html control" from t-code OAG1.

I still get a pop up to open the document in chrome.

How do I configure to open document within SAP GUI I'm fairly new and any information will help.

Additional Version information:-
SAP version :- SAP demo ides
Workspace :- Opentext Business Center 16.3
Archive Center :-
Intenet explorer :- 11.00.960
OpenText Imaging WebViewer :- 16.2.8

Thank you for your time.


sapbcworkspace.png (399.7 kB)