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Jul 23, 2019 at 03:15 PM

Auto Numbering/Naming Separate Detail Sections

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I am currently unable to determine a way to accomplish the following:

I have a Report Header, Page Header, and multiple Detail sections. In each Detail section, there are static text boxes outlining a table of contents for a document. Sometimes, we need to suppress certain sections, which happens based upon parameters when the reports in ran. Obviously, when statically numbering these line items, when a section is suppressed, the numbers are skipped, leaving it to look as if something is missing. See image below:

How can I dynamically name or letter these line items, in their different detail sections, and account for the potential suppression of different details. This is an example, whereas the actual report includes many more detail sections.

I've included a copy of the sample report here if anyone would like to see it (it's nothing aside from what you see above and some parameters with suppression formulas):