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Jul 23, 2019 at 08:01 AM

c_level datasrc in SAP BPC 11 NW


Hi all,

I would like to understand if someone has implemented staged consolidation in SAP BPC 11.

In bpc 7.5 MS this feature works correctly.

I implemented this in sap BPC 11 NW, but the "c_level" datasrc doesn't work properly, because it should be consolidated applying the ownership percentages in respect to the ultimate controlling entity.

If I put “Y” in the property “Is consolidated”, after the consolidation logic nothing goes on the datasrc c_level.

The unique mode to populate the c_level datsrc is to leave “blank” the property “is consolidated”, but in this way the logic doesn’t consider the ownership percentage referred to the ultimate controlling entity.

Could you help me about this issue?