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Jul 22, 2019 at 10:32 AM

how to read sap-statistics key (Fiori Performance Analytics)

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Hi Experts,

In order to analyze my Fiori apps performance, I set "sap-statistics=true" in URL and called this URL. I can get analyzed processing times from the response header but I can not get means of their names.

blog, guide and help does not covers all of them which my sap-statistics analyzed output. I filled the below list of sap-statistics contents as long as I know.

Could you complement or supplement the list?

  • total: Total processing time
  • fw: The sum of SAP Gateway framework (= gwhub + gwbe + gwrfcoh)
  • app: Application (= gwapp) gwtotal Total Processing time of the OData Request (= gwhub + gwrfcoh + gwbe + gwapp)
  • gwfw: ?
  • gwrfcoh: RFC and network overhead for communication between the hub and backend system
  • gwnongw: Processing time of applications called (referred to as non SAP Gateway Foundation since this processing time is not related to the SAP Gateway Foundation framework) (e.g. RAL, Excel-format)
  • gwapp: Time consumed by implementation of the Gateway service itself
  • gwhub: Processing time in SAP Gateway Foundation hub system, REST & OData Libs + GW on HUB
  • gwbe: Processing time in SAP Gateway Foundation framework in bacyend system (without application time)
  • icftotal: ?
  • icfauth: ?
  • icfext: ?
  • icmtotal: ?
  • icmext: ?
  • wdreqrcv: ?
  • wdext: ?

Best Regards,