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Jul 22, 2019 at 08:06 AM

Hierarchy node selections - wrong message that several hierarchies are used

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Hi all,

I am creating a query in eclipse photon.

I want to use:

  • Hierarchy node selection in filter
  • Hirarchy node or leaf selection in default values (of course a more detailed node below the one I choose in filter)
  • show the characteristc values as flat list in query drilldown.

My characteristic is 0COSTELMNT

when I build my query like this, I get a warning message in the query, that I would be using different hierarchies - which I don´s. I have choosen always the same hierarchy.

When I choose hierarchy display for my char, I still get the message.

As a reporting query it would probably not be a problem, but as a plan query it is not entry enabled.

What can I do?

thanks and best regards