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Jul 22, 2019 at 05:49 AM

Consideration of Moving price and Quantity


Hi Experts,

We are doing backlog entries for the month of April. Currently our open periods are April and May.

suppose, there are two posting in April :

02.04.2019 - GR for 100 unit at INR 10.

22.04.2019 - GR for 200 unit at INR 20.

So, if i am issuing material to order on 15.04.2019. System is allowing me to issue 150 units (i.e. more than the stock which we had on 15.04.2019) also with the moving price of INR 16.67 ( it should be INR 10 as per the stock on 15.04.2019).

Please suggest, is standard SAP consider the stock and price based on Period instead of posting date ?

Any configuration available to resolve this issue ?


Himanshu Arora