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Jul 19, 2019 at 06:23 PM

Non Valuated Material with Zero Price


Hi Experts,

I have the following requirement:

To have a SO with a non-valuated material (zero price) but must be inventory relevant. A PR will be created with reference to the SO and then a PO created from the PR. The goods will be receipted via IBD from the PO into the warehouse. An OBD will be created on the back of the SO and the goods will be picked within WM and despatched. All documents must have the material as non-valuated with a zero price.

I have tried to use material type UNBW but turns out even though this is non-valuated, it is not free of charge so will not work in my scenario. When creating to SO, the PR screen appears asking for a price and you cannot enter £0.00

Please, can anyone explain how to configure this scenario?

Thanks in advance.