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Jul 18, 2019 at 08:06 PM

Get to know Ranking or Measure Filters with BIAL



I have the requirement to get to know Rankings or Measure Filter for a Dataset with BIAL.

With the new Lumira Crosstab the end users can create Rankings and also Measure Filters for different Dimensions. BUT the problem is, that those ranks and filters are not visualized in the UI. Therefore i want to use the Datasource - "On Result Dataset Changed" event to determine if there are any such measurefilters.

For the new measure filters this works fine. I can use the BIAL function

DS_1.getMeasureFilters. and with that array i can iterate over all existing measure filters, and with DS_1.getMEasureFilterName and the element as parameter from the above array i get a description of the measure filter, but for Ranks i jsut get an entry with a blank name ???

I tried to parse the different Dimension filter to where i applied the measure filters and Ranks, but no luck.

Does anybody have a hint for me ?

Thanks and best regards