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Jul 18, 2019 at 08:58 AM

excel like filter in table


Hi All,

I have a little unusual requirement. Usually when we implement a filter for the table it shows up on the top as an input field. User can enter the filter string and the filtered data shows up in the table.

Now my requirement is to develop a filter that is similar to the one we have in Excel. Users should be able to select multiple filter string and the result should be based on those filter string. For ex. in a column if there are 3 types of values - High, Medium and Low, and I want a filter, that will show only High and Low rows in the table. It would have been really easy if we had an option to place a UI (say Dropdown) as a filter. So, on the onSelect event we could open a popup windows with all the filter strings. But unfortunately its not how WDJ is designed.

Please provide your inputs too. �� If you have any doubts regarding the requirements please let me know.