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Jul 19, 2019 at 07:57 PM

Grant Not being shown in Posting Address in KVS5


Dear Colleagues,

When executing KSV5, I am facing an error "FM account assignment -/OPEX/2021102/501033/- cannot be posted in posting ledger 9A". What I came across when tracing Budget Structure (BCS) Derivations from SPRO node Public Sector->FM->Master Data-> Use of Account Assignment Elements-> Budget Structure (BCS)->Define Derivation Strategy for Budget Addresses, is that Grant is not being derived. Although when activating trace from FMDERIVE, Grant is being derived accurately as per the derivation rules defined.

I also debugged this case in Implementation "ZFMBS_VALID_ADDRESS" in method "FILL_ADDRESS_SUPPL" and noticed that in parameter "I_S_ADDRESS", the grant is not being called.

Also note that the BO_ADDRESS-GRANT_NBR is available only as a source field and not the target field. I also read in the documentation of this node that if GM is activated, the Grant in the budget address will be automatically copied from the posting address. The issue here is that in posting address the grant is not being called.

Please share your experience if there is anything that I should look into for the solution.