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Jul 18, 2019 at 03:52 AM

How to generate token for SAP Cloud Platform Git Repository Cloning


Hi Experts,

I am working a HANA native development project with multiple developers with trial account in SCP Neo Platform, and now I created a repository for the project and got the link to clone.

But as you know, the trial account can manage the collaborators, if any other team members want to pull/push the code to the repository I created, they have to use my ID and password that is not the practise for security reason.

And I notice there is a "Use Token Authentication" options available for SCP Git, but how can I generate a token? So I can share the token to my team members to use the same git repository?

Any one can help on this? or any solution to clone the public Git rather than SCP Git?

Thanks in advance.

Jerry Lin


auth.png (44.9 kB)
auth2.png (38.9 kB)