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Jul 19, 2019 at 05:50 AM

Billing Error: "Interval does not exist for object RV_BELEG"


Hi Gurus!

I had below error message when I was trying to post a billing document.

Interval does not exist for object RV_BELEG

Message no. NR751


The database table NRIV has the delivery class 'C', i.e. the SAP default settings are only in client 000.


Create the missing number range interval in customizing.

Transaction code:

The story is like this. I was running a basic SD scenario which is like "SO ⇒ DI ⇒ GI ⇒ BI". I ran through the scenario with a domestic order and everything looked good. However as I was trying to run the scenario again with an export order, above error message appeared when I was try to post billing (for domestic order, it still works).

In order to solve the problem I have tried SNRO, OVLK, VN01, KANK but none of them worked. Btw in SNRO I could see interval does exist for RV_BELEG.

Could let me know your idea? I am waiting online and thank you very much.