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Jul 18, 2019 at 09:14 AM

SAPUI5 - ProcessFlow rerendering and losing scroll position

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Hello there,

We are currently using SAPUI5 ProcessFlow component in version 1.64. We have a pretty complex case where this flow is on a left part with additionnal content on the right part of the screen.

Our structure is then a ResponsiveSplitter, with a PaneContainer and a 2 SplitPane in it.

In that very specific case, each time a rerender of the control (ProcessFlow or SplitPane) is triggered the process flow looses its scrolling position (from the left - managed by scrollContainer inside the ProcessFlow / and top - managed by a scrollBar of the splitPane) which is extremely painful for our users.

I could not find any solution to this yet.

Does anybody have an idea of what could be the root cause?

Checking the standard code I can see that RenderManager flushInternal is causing the loss of focus during fnPutIntoDom (which seems normal) but does not restore it because oFocusHandler is empty...

Thanks in advance,