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Jul 17, 2019 at 08:28 PM

Migration to S4 HANA- Asset Accounting Prep Issue



We are facing an error (in ECC) during the pre-check before migration to S4 HANA. The error with Return Code 8 says “Chart of dep. XXXX: Ledger YY is not defined company code ZZZZ”.

But ledger YY is active for company code ZZZZ. Also, ledger YY is assigned to Chart of dep. XXXX. One thing noticed is that in Financial Accounting (New) > Ledgers > ledger > Define and activate non-ledger ledgers: for ledger YY, Company code ZZZZ is assigned however the currency (10) is shown as CAD whereas Company code ZZZZ has local currency as USD. We are not sure if this is causing the issue.

Additionally, we tried below approaches to solve the error:

  • Setup parallel valuation in chart of depreciation XXXX.
  • Reviewed and followed OSS notes 1433535 and 2147666 as suggested by SAP.
  • Setup depreciation area 30 (Consolidated balance sheet in local currency) and assigned to ledger YY in the concerned chart of account.
  • We have also tried to “Set Up Areas for Parallel Valuation"

The issue is till not resolved. Can anyone give any suggestion on how we can resolve this?

Thank you for your help!