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In EPM Add-in ver 26/27 for .NET 4.0+, can we get the old find / search member result back?

Feb 11, 2017 at 12:56 AM


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It's driving us crazy. The new EPM Add-in versions, SP26 & SP27 (all patches of both in the .NET 4.0+ world) for Win10 and Office 2013/2016 have devolved in the member search department.

Scenario: You're in EPM Add-in in Excel. You open up any dimension to search for a member, then you find the result, and it's all alone - completely out of its surrounding context (and I don't mean EPM Context). Sure, you can look at its properties to find its parent, but you can't see its siblings or the hierarchical flow with any antecedents; you can't see its milieu and heritage.

Then, when you close out of the search results, you're back to seeing the entire hierarchy or wherever you may have last been! It doesn't leave you at the location of the member you searched for, which would be a helpful solution to the above problem.

It's REALLY annoying, and we'd very much like it back to being able to search for a member and then see the result in its surroundings -- or if that's not possible to be taken to its surroundings after you close the search result window.

Does anyone else relate to this or are we in a vacuum? I couldn't find any other comments or discussion on this anywhere. Is there a setting to tweak or a workaround we can do (you know, beyond downgrading several SP versions and possibly even an OS, that is -- downgrading when upgrades continuously occur isn't a solution)? Gah!

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1 Answer

Vadim Kalinin Feb 11, 2017 at 07:56 AM

Hi Susan,

You are not alone, but looks like it was a decision in EPM development team... You can try to create an idea in the idea place but not sure it will help.

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