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Jul 20, 2019 at 06:07 PM

High availability Oracle jdbc connection string


Hello everyone,

Do we know if IDT connection supports a high availability jdbc connection string format?

We are trying to connect to Oracle database using jdbc7 and jdbc8 drivers. The connection string format provided to us is in this format:


There are 2 servers (primary and standby) behind this FQDN.

Here's a sample of connection details I am using

Upon testing the above connection I receive this error

IO Error: Invalid number format for port number

I modified the string to use host:port format ( but then I get this error:

IO Error: Size Data Unit (SDU) mismatch

However if I use the primary server name ( in the 'Server(s)' field above, the connection tests fine. See below.

We are on BI4.2 SP5 Patch6. Appreciate any inputs on this.




jdbc-sdu-error.png (10.0 kB)
primary-server.png (20.9 kB)