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Jul 18, 2019 at 01:22 PM

How to export a calculation view result set to csv via HDB procedure?


Dear HANA-Experts,

here's my problem: I am using Calculation Views to merge and provide different data. The data should be exported as a csv file. I tried to use a HDB procedure to execute the export statement and create a CSV file. This is basically possible, but it quickly becomes clear that the function is not designend for that action. I just can't find another way to export data correctly from the HANA. I am aware that I can also download the data from the application. But the goal is to download them automatically. Do you know a way to create something like this?

We are working with the Web-IDE and therefore I have already considered to create a Java module to write a program for the download. Maybe someone has done this before.

Thank you in advance