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Jul 17, 2019 at 05:13 PM

Can java runtime (jre64) directories be dropped from ASE server directory trees?

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For security purposes, our site likes to keep Java library patches up to date. But SAP (Sybase) doesn't distribute patches for the Java runtime library (jre64) for already released ASE server versions (correct me if I'm wrong)

I know Java is used for install and uninstall tasks. And it's also used if it's enabled inside the ASE server (config param names "enable java" and "enable pci").

Looking at my ASE installation directory tree, it looks like Java is also used for the following services/utilities:

  • web services
  • dbisql (Didn't even know it was there)
  • ddlgen (we do use this sometimes)
  • Ribo (trace TDS connections. Didn't even know it was there!)

But if we're not doing any install/uninstall tasks, and if we have Java disabled inside the ASE server, and we're not using the above utilities, can we drop the jre64 directory?

If we dropped the Sybase jre64 directory, I guess we could try to change the setup file to point our central copy of the java runtime library. As new central java runtime libraries are rolled out (into new directory names), we could switch to point to the newest version (after some testing)