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Jul 17, 2019 at 10:16 AM

create Purchase requisation from sales order


Sales order has to create Purchase requisition automatically if the material has previous purchase orders/not third party process

Client Requirement is", sales order has to create PR, based on the last purchase order of a particular material. If the Last PO available then the system should bring the vendor details, otherwise, the planning team will decide and give input to the system!!


My Client doing Make to Order process wherein the Sales Quote and Sales Order are created by Sales Office under Production Plant. Based on the Products availability the Production Plant is segregating the Line items to be produced in our Group company and Out Side vendors. This happens by issuing a Purchase order to respective Group company & Vendors.

Now they are looking for automation in sending the Purchase Order automatically to the Group Company and Vendors.

The Process is

1. Sales Quote and Sales Order is created by Sales Office

2. The Sales Order is sent to Production Plant to plan the Production

3. Production Plant is planning the Products based on the Sales Order

4. In a sales order, there would be an average of 45 Line Items

5. Out of 45 Line Items, 10 Items can be produced in Own Plant and another 15 Items can be produced on another Group Company plant and balance 15 Items can be bought from an outside vendor.

For the above process, they are looking for some kind of automation to send the Purchase Order automatically to other group company & outside vendor based on the decision of Sales Order Line Items by the Production Plant.