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Jul 17, 2019 at 04:58 AM

RSAP0001 exit issue


Hi Folks,

I’m updating data source 0FI_AR_4 by adding the new field from BOLNR from LIP table based on the logics from VBRK and VBRP.

I have create project in ECC system called ZBW and Activated the all the required enhancement (RSAP0001) and components like EXIT_SAPLRSAP_001,




All these are active and enhanced datasource structure by adding ZZBOLNR and selected as Field only known exit in data source.

However while running the datasource in RSA3, it’s not fetching the data. Observed that, it’s not calling enhancements and even I kept breakpoint in starting on the code in INCLUDE ZXRSAU01.

Tried to debug with by selecting debug option while executing data source in RSA3. But not succeeded.

Could someone help me on this how to debug.