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Jul 17, 2019 at 06:17 AM

Extract for CPM tool


Just acquired a company with SAP and not familiar with it's design at all. We need to be able to extract summary financial activity to load into our external consolidation tool. Accounting folks are not strong in the table design so have not been able to define what tables or fields would need to be extracted. We have the FI and CO modules and I am told that I can get the Balance Sheet activity from FI and the P&L from CO. They pointed me to BSEG and COEP. All I am trying to get is: Company Code - Fiscal Year - Period - Account - Cost Center (I am told this is the field used to describe their departments HR, IT, Accounting...) Amt & Trading Partner.

BSEG is transnational and would not give me the ending Balance Sheet balance - Where can I get the ending period balance for the Balance Sheet

COEP is Transnational but was told it has the cost center value (not sure that is correct). Is there not a summary table that would have Company, Cost Center, Account by period.

Just looking for someone to point me in the right direction of a table or tables to goto. Not interested in prebuilt reports as we need to directly pull the data unless there is a job that can be modifited to have all the needed fields that will populate a table that I can then direct connect to and pull.

Any suggestions would be greatly appricated.