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Jul 11, 2019 at 10:53 PM

ODATA using SCPI adapters not able to PUT and POST at the same time


Hi All,

So we are using SCPI to write some data from Salesforce into Enterprise HANA tables using Odata.

When we ran the initial load, the POST operation ran and filled the data.

When the delta mechanism was run, PUT was used which is correctly capturing the changes but not new records.

We tried MERGE also but it did not write/update anything in the table.

What can I do in SCPI or HANA side that can allow me to write this data on the delta process.

There doesn't seem to be an UPSERT functionality but what can I do to mimic that?

I just have a simple odata as of now - <tablename> as "EntityName";

SCPI is using the Advantco adapter for Salesforce.