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Jul 15, 2019 at 12:26 PM

Assessment Cycle with Statistical Key Figure



I got stuck while trying to create actual assessment cycle. Have to distribute the costs from sender CS to Receiver CS using SKF.

What I did:

1) KSU1 --> 1st segment --> Entered the Assessment Cost element --> Share in % - 100% --> Receiver rule - variable portions -- Actual Statistical figure

Entered Sender Cost center group, Cost element and receiver cost center.

Var,Portion type - Actual SKF.

Entered the SKF in From Field (Created in KK01)... after that tried to post in KB31N, entered the receiving cost centers (around 6) with SKF and quantity (share of each). Saved.

My Doubt :

When I entered the SKF in Receiving Tracing Factor, it should show the sharing percentage of each receiving CS in the Receiver Weighing factors, right ? But the sharing percentage of all CS is 100%. Why it is not picking up the quantities of the receiving CS in SKF (in KB31N). Or did I do anything wrong ?

Screenshots attached below

SKF Posting Screen (KB31N) :


skf-kb31n.png (37.3 kB)