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Jul 12, 2019 at 07:25 AM

Exposing HaaS tables with xsodata


Our current situation is the following:

We have a hdi-container and a HaaS instance in the same Cloud Foundry environment. When we want to get data from the HaaS instance, where all the Tables and Calculation Views are present, the solution we found was to use Synonyms, to access those objects that already were present on the HANA database.

We found a pretty useful guide here:

We already have a grantor service and hdbgrant authorizations in place for those Synonyms to be reached from the HDI container, but the issue we are facing is that we can’t access the Synonym’s data directly, we always need to put a View, or Calculation View over that synonym for it to show the data it contains.

  • If we expose the Synonym, through an xsodata service, this shows up as ‘empty’, even though it contains data.
  • If we expose a view, that only contains the Synonym underneath, through an xsodata service, we can see the data it contains. The problem is, we can’t insert data into the table, since it’s a View.

Are we missing on something? Or is that Synonyms cannot be exposed directly with an xsodata service?