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Jul 11, 2019 at 09:59 PM

How to set the universal display hierarchy of BW query in AO workbook via VBA macro?


The Universal Display Hierarchy in our BW query is active for rows (expanded to level 1).

In our BEx Analyzer workbook, the Universal Display Hierarchy of that query is set to level 2 via VBA macro before the user saves the workbook (Event 'Workbook_BeforeSave'):

BEx.DataProviders.Item("DP_3").Request.Properties.SetUniversalPresentationHierarchyOnRows iActive:=True, iLevel:=2

Now, we want to convert the BEx Analyzer workbook into Analysis for Office (AO 2.7 SP1) workbook. Therefore, we need a similar API method in Analysis for Office in order to set the Universal Display Hierarchy to row level 2 via VBA macro. Does a VBA API method like e.g. 'setUniversalDisplayHierarchyOnRows' exists in AO?