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Jul 17, 2019 at 10:35 AM

Approach to develop & deliver custom Fiori app along with ABAP back-end logic and objects


Hello experts,

I guess questions below are very high-lvl and relate to a good practice, but as I couldn't obtain any concrete answers I'm hoping community could help.

As title states, we are developing Fiori app from the scratch along with all (ABAP) back-end functionality - tables, FMs, Gateway OData services etc. At this time, back-end system for ABAP is S/4 on-premise and Fiori app it self should be deployed on both ABAP repository and SAP Fiori Cloud as custom app (if I understood this requirement correctly).

What I'm wondering here is, how should a FIori app with all of it's belonging back-end functionalities, Launchpad configuration be delivered and installed on a potential customer's system. There are a lot of elements in play Fiori app, Launchpad configuration, ABAP objects, Gateway services, is it's even possible for it to be deployed as a single installation or should it be like a separate deployment for Fiori part, separate installation of ABAP dictionary objects etc?

Also, regarding Fiori part, it is relatively complex app with many different functionalities with their own screens. what is the best setup of the app in this case (or SAP's recommendation even?) - many smaller apps (each reflecting single functionality) or create one big app with navigation capabilities? I assume it's the first one..

Many Thanks,