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Jul 16, 2019 at 09:13 AM

Change Dynamic Modification Rule (DMR) next stage at UD


Hi Guru,

May I know the user-exit/function/Badi/Enhancement or other possibility to change "next stage, Inspection since change and Not-OK inspection" of DMR level in QDL3 at UD?

The story starts from here. The user requests to update the DMR level according to vendor lot, not sap lot. If the first vendor lot receipt and the valuation is accepted and then the same vendor receipt the second time. The user requests that the DMR next stage in QDL3 will not be updated into the next stage. It will remain the current stage. So I supposed to find out some customized point that can change "next stage, Inspection since change and Not-OK inspection" in the QDL3 DMR level when I made UD.

InspectionLot VendorLot SAPLot DMRStage Valuation NextStageUpdateInQDL3

10000000001 V-01 0001 01 Acc 02

10000000002 V-02 0001 02 Acc 03

10000000003 V-01 0001 03 Acc 04->03

Other criteria about this scenario.

1.DMR Level updates at Lot level.

2.Dynamic modification is for UD.

I tried using QDSE0002-EXIT_SAPLQDQV_002. But that was for changing DMR stage when the inspection lot creates and used it to calculate the sample of the inspection lot. It could not use at changing DMR stage in QDL3 when the usage decision is made. Please help suggesting user-exit/function/Badi/Enhancement. Thank you!