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Jul 15, 2019 at 01:38 PM

Maintenance data on Advanced DataStore Objects (correction, modification of data as it was in PSA)


Hi BW4/HANA experts!

I have a question regarding to one of the missed BW functionality - possibility to maintain/change/edit data in PSA (present time - Corporate Memory ADSO). Some customers need this functionality and they are not satisfied by this new position that "data should not be modified in BW", there are a lot of user cases when it might be needed and all comments from theoretical experts look like excuses. This is one of the useful functionality and at this moment it is lost. In BW on HANA it is still possible to use InfoPackages and edit data in PSA table, but this type of objects is not available in BW/4HANA anymore. Conversion tool convert InfoPackages into ADSO (Corporate Memory).

I have found only one information regarding this topic, but from ODP side - Operational Data Provisioning - FAQ: An answer to the question #23 says that it is impossible to change data in ODQMON, but SAP has plans to allow the data maintenance via ADSO in future releases of BW/4HANA (information from August 2017). Unfortunately this FAQ is the only one resource there it was mentioned, I could not find any other documents or confirmations of these plans and even in BW/4HANA 2.0 I don't see this functionality.

So, my question to you colleagues is quite obvious - does anybody has information about plans to return this functionality? Please share it with me, I will be very appreciate for your help.