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Jul 12, 2019 at 12:46 PM

Linking a Delivery Doc to Purchase Cost

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When a Delivery Document is linked to a "Purchase Order" or similar purchase document (e.g., you could click relationship map, and it will show the Purchase Order it is linked to), how do I find that logic linked in SQL. The problem is that these items have varrying costs, so it is not constant, and the database is created in such an archaic way, that it is impossible to find the linkage.

For instance if I look at the SRI1 table, I have 4 records with that contain the EXACT [ItemCode] and [SysSerial]. This makes no sense why this would be the case? Shouldn't each item# only have 1 [SysSerial]? Two are references to who the items were purchased from, and two were references to who purchased. How do I determine which purchase line was associated with the corresponding sell line? There are other tables, but they seem to contain the same chaos and do not seem to point to the answer. I am not why SAP just didn't make this simplier and just use a unique key in the serial data to link to a PO. I guess that would be to easy.