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Jul 11, 2019 at 03:27 AM

Form Lots according to settings / Crosss Period Lot Size Planning / SNP Optimizer

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How is SNP Optimizer expected to create Planned Orders with the SNP Global setting?

"Form Lots according to settings"

1) Will planned orders be created with a minimum quantity of Minimum Lot Size that is maintained in MAT1 ?

2) Will planned orders be grouped together in a bucket to be equal to atleast the minimum Lot Size that is maintained in MAT1

3) What does the setting "Cross Period Lot Size" Setting in SNP Optimizer Profile do (Integration Tab) in conjunction with the settings above?

4) What does the setting "Cross Period Lot Size in Resource do in conjunction with settings above?

Note we use SNP. With PDS from Recipe and BOM. No Routing. All Single Mixed Resources used

Standard SAP.

Please make suitable assumptions. I am looking forward to some real example with a simple case.

Weekly Customer Demand 9ADFCST - 500 each bucket for next 52 buckets

Min Lot Size in MAT1 - 300

SNP Global Setting for Optimizer- Consider Lots according to 'settings'.

Single Source of Supply for the entire period

Consider a Supply Chain Model like this

Customer had demand

Distribution Center with 0 stock

Production Plant with 0 stock

T-Lanes exist such that Production Plant supplies to DC and DC supplies to Customer.

No Lot size in Tlane

No lot size in PDS

No other competition for materials exists.

No Resource Issues with SNP PDS.

How will system go ahead with creating planned orders?