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Jul 16, 2019 at 12:39 PM

Route determination and GI date calculation


Hello All,

I have a difficulties in understanding how the route determination works in SAP outbound deliveries.

We have a delivery type defined in system which says new route determination while delivery creation.

So while creating delivery route is not picked from sales order but it is again calculated.

When I save the delivery I can see in VL02n transaction the route is determined which is assigned based on weight group. But when I check in LIKP table there are 2 fields, ROUTA (without weight group) and ROUTE (with weight group). In both fields the route coming are different as we have different route assigned with and with out weight groups.

Now my question is how SAP is calculating the Goods Issue date? It is based on ROUTE or ROUTA? which should be leading? As per my understanding ROUTE should be leading but in our case ROUTA which is without weight group is leading.

Any pointer where this kind of configuration is done whic route to be used for calculation?