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Jul 15, 2019 at 09:19 PM

Personalized Plugins don't appear or worked in FP 8.0 PL0 or 1


Dear all,

Ever since the documentation and the download versions came up for the latest Feature pack 08, I've been upgrading my testing systems so i can check everything could goes fine for some customers alredy implemented taking into account the many benefits in this pack, but as we were making some regular test of saling and having the invoice, I noted that one personalized plugin we had for more than 8 months, that manage something when the receipt creates an invoice, didn't worked or showed any message i look around the client configuration and find out that in Plug-ins is none of the plugins that used to be there without any trouble, not listed and nothing came up if i clicked in the Button to update versions in there; I also checked that the jar files were stil located in the set up file where were use to be, maybe with the update process should have been deleted in somehow, but the files were just there (C:\SapCustomerCheckout\cco\POSPlugins\AP).

I tried to make a test with PL 0 and PL 1 and had the same result. I couldn't find anywhere in the general docs of the versions that inform something to change in the plugins structure, maybe in the way to deploy them, as in other updates none of this had happened.Can you tell me if there is any information about it or if it's necessary to raise a ticket as a support, or if somebody else had faced this?

Looking forward to your help,

Nasmiye Pinzon