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Jul 15, 2019 at 04:13 PM

Dump while creating delivery VL01N


Dear gurus,

I am getting the following dump while creating a delivery:

After investigating, we found the following:

At the time of sales order creation, there was enough stock for one of the materials in the sales order and the corresponding schedule line was confirmed.

Later, during delivery creation, the stock of the material became 0 and no stock was available. It seems this happened due to back order processing or some other reason.

When the user tried to create a delivery for such a sales order, the above dump occurred.

We could replicate the same error in a quality system and were able to do so.

I tried finding if anyone else has got this error and how they solved it, but couldn't. I tried looking for a SAP note, but couldn't.

Is there any solution in terms of SAP note or otherwise to the above dump?


2sm3r-2.png (43.7 kB)