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Jul 15, 2019 at 02:31 PM


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I am looking at implementing 2LIS_13_VDKON data source using ODP connection and BW HANA optimized ADSO. The ADSO has unique keys and is setup with overwrite. If the same billing document is extracted again, it will not be summed.

Is it possible to use the standard extractor with zero downtime(only on source system)?

LBWQ - How is this filled? The data source was made active but LBWQ was not populated until a delta initialization is done. Is the change pointer set at delta initialization so all new or changed records can be tracked? I cant even run OLI9BW without an active delta. OSS note 2386514 provides details on initial setup run.

At a later time if i need to enhance the structure(add new fields), I will need to delete the LBWQ & LBWG(13) entries. If I delete the ADSO contents, ODP delta request is automatically. Does this stop the LBWQ change document extraction? Can the LBWQ deletion be done without any downtime?

I am not worried about the same document extracted twice (oli9bw vs delta) as the overwrite mode will allow me to get the same document from delta if it was changed during intial setup run.

Thanks for your feedback.