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Jul 15, 2019 at 12:54 PM

Access Portal via Checkpoint Firewall, problems with Web Dynpro


Hello everybody,

I have a problem with our Web Dynpro components in the following case:

We use a checkpoint firewall. At this the user can log in and forwarded via SSO to our SAP portal and logged on. That worked flawlessly until last week. Last week, however, we had an update (DMIS plugin) that probably changed something. All Web Dynpro applications continue to work properly through the portal and also directly through the URL of the Web Dynpro application.

Only when the user login in to the portal via the firewall, they see blank page instead of the Web Dynpro application.

I have already updated the SAP UI components in the system and run the program

WDG_MAINTAIN_UR_MIMES to re-deploy the mimes.

Both without any success.

Does anyone have an idea?

Best regards