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Jul 11, 2019 at 10:57 AM

SAP Web IDE for HANA - Best Practise or How to work with?



we are moving from HANA Studio to the SAP Web IDE 2.0 for HANA.

SAP Web IDE 2.0 for HANA is completely new for me. So that's why i'm struggling with some topics.

Maybe some of you can share their experience with the new solution.

First of all, how to structure your former packages ideal/perfectly.

Are you creating for each former package a workspace? (to be honest i'm not that familier with workspace, so if someone has a good tutorial for understanding workspaces, thanks a lot for that)

another question is, i created a SAP HANA Service Connection, which is working, but if i check the created connection in the XSA cockpit, i see the password clearly which i really dont like. to get data from a different schema into your HDI container, are you using a technical user? or how are you designing it to get data from a different schema.

and last question, is HANA Studio still required for some things, or can everything be done in WEB IDE and Cockpit.

thanks for sharing your experiences!!