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Jul 10, 2019 at 10:11 AM

Generated RTF report is not the same as the preview


I've created a Report in a Free Model and managed to get a decent RTF preview, which looks the way I want it to. Unfortunately, the actual RTF document does not look like the preview when I open it in MS Word 365.

  • cover page - the report name comes out in the default font, not the one I changed it to
  • cover page and elsewhere - the carriage returns between adjacent text blocks are removed
  • I have a Title followed by a text block, followed by a Title. The carriage return after the text block has been ignored, so the text block and the second Title are concatenated and are in the Title style
  • I have a list of members of a collection, and the title has been concatenated with the previous text block

These are all fixable in Word, but they are a real pain.

Has this bug been around for ever, or has it been introduced recently?