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Jul 10, 2019 at 11:08 AM

Finite Resource Planning in IBP for S&OP


Dear All, as far as I understand "IBP for S&OP" gets limited features from "IBP for demand" , "IBP for response and supply" and other applications. We are using only "IBP for S&OP" in my company. We are having the difficulty of not having "Finite Capacity Planning" . IBP for S&OP uses "Time-Series-Based Supply Planning Heuristic" feature which basically assumes infitine capacity for whatever demand scenario. How can I project true inventory levels on mid-term basis? We cannot do manual capacity leveling each and every time to project possible inventories. I think "Fair-share distribution" or another method of supply constraining needs to be added to "IBP for S&OP" application. Please let me know whether I am wrong or there are other ways of doing this in IBP for S&OP..

Best Regards,