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Jul 09, 2019 at 04:10 PM

PPM Integration with all the 3 Project Applications


Hi Experts,

I need your suggestion in thinking a approach when the client is asking PPM integration with all of 3 Project Management Applications i.e. PS, Project Management and Microsoft Project.

I know and can achieve Project Management Integration with Portfolio Item and Microsoft Project using Importing and Exporting functions. Thus, the fields and values can map out and synchronize accordingly. That is actually just to update Project schedule from MSP to Proj. Management, Export and submit the updated schedule to Vendor/Customer in MPP file.

Please clarify some of my doubts.

Can we create a similar project in PS as same as Project in Project Management? If yes, how exactly? Because, to my knowledge; we can assign or create only 1 project in corresponding to Portfolio Item. Right?

A project template is only for Projects in Project Management. In that case, how can we create a PS project automatically from Portfolio Item and build a complete WBS structure?

The moment we create a PS project automatically from Item, it appears in Related objects. If we create Item link to Project in Project Management, does it automatically link to PS project? Further, the synchronization can play the role to update the values in both the applications. OR Can we link directly Project Management Project to PS Project??

The reason to use PS and Proj. Mgt. because they are using PS as operative and Project Management for Resource Management across multiple projects and Evaluation.

Best regards,