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Jul 08, 2019 at 01:31 PM

Flat text file that is converted to XML and also sent as an attachment to Receiver proxy


Hello All SAP PI Experts,

I have one query. Currently there exists multiple Flat text file to Proxy scenarios in our landscape. Whenever any error happens after proxy processing, the functional consultants ask me to provide them the sender flat text files. This is getting too cumbersome for me as I need to do it for many interfaces and constantly everyday. So, I was wondering whether its possible to do the flat text conversion, do the mapping and there attach the sender input file as an attachment and send these files to the proxies. I'm guessing that this will involve me to perform some java mapping to add the attachment after the regular mapping is done. But I was wondering whether it's possible to do it without the java mapping, so please let me know on that. Also the attached file will be sent to proxy but the proxy will not be using that attached file. So, in that case, do you feel that I will still need to ask the ABAPers to regenerate the proxy after making this change? WIll the message processing give any error saying that it is not able to handle the additional data (the data additional data being the attached flat text file)

Thanks in advance,

Ajeya G V