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Jul 05, 2019 at 07:49 AM

SAP Crystal report viewer not show report migrate of CR 8.5 to 2013


I have a crystal reports in version 8.5, now i migrate or upgrade (the word that best fits) to the version sap crystal reports 2013 these reports. Until this point everything is fine.

The problem appear when try to visualize them in the crystal report viewer 2016, open the file and appear this message:

"There is no saved data. This report file does not contain saved data and can not be viewed."

"To incorporate the data into the report, open it and save it again in the Crystal Reports Designer application with the option "Save data with the report" selected."

I follow the instructions to "save data with the report" but the problem persists.

Something different happens when the report is created as new in the 2013 version, so they open correctly.

But there are many reports that have to be migrated and doing them again would be tedious