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Jul 10, 2019 at 02:42 PM

SubCom Invoice Reciept



We have a process where the Subcom Vendor in the same NFe He is sending the FG subcontracted and the applicated material by him in our product in general package material.

This NFe should be posted as:

Item Number NF Item Type Material Plant Description
10 31 SKU#1 PL#1 Finish Goods SubCom material
20 1 SKU#2 PL#1 Package material applied

However when we try to post we are getting this message Message no. 8B656 (more details below)

What is the SAP recommendation for posting this NF-e, we can't change the NFe vendor issue process?

******** Error Message ******

The type of item 000020 does not match the types of the preceeding items

Message no. 8B656

You have used a combination of different itemtypes within one document that might cause problems in reporting. Only the following types should be combined within the same document:

1. itemtype 31 - Subcontracting component shipment item - and

itemtype 33 - Subcontracting component symbolic shipment item or

2. itemtype 21 - Returnable packaging shipment item - and any other itemtype.

If you have chosen a combination of types 31 and 33, then the item with type 31 should always be the first item in the Nota Fiscal (main item).